Saturday, June 27, 2009

summer holidays!

so i've realized how extremely hopeless i have become at remembering I have a blog
and thinking of things to actually write on it.
in about 15 days I leave to Smithers, and I`m so excited
and I promise while I`m there I will blog a little more often!
not much has been new, same friends, no boyfriend, school`s done, and now dance is as well.
Over the summer I have so much to think about for my future!
Dance this year has become a little well .. let`s say stressful.
most days their is more disappointment than excitement when I come home
I just finished my 13th year of dance, and obviously just from the statement
you can tell I love it!
And I`m not saying I don`t anymore, I do! When i forget about all the stupidity around me
I actually once again enjoy it!
Some days I find it so hard though, everyone including me !! ..
has no idea what they want anymore, all of us are in the same position
frustrated, hurt, disappointed, confused ..
We find dance some days more like work than fun!
and it`s not meant to be that way ..
I used to come home from school and get ready for dance like an hour before class ..
now I find myself getting ready maybe two minutes before I leave ..
what has happened to my enthusiasm?
and maybe the problem is just me, maybe I need to just not care anymore,
forget about the way the teachers act (who might I say act a little immature frequently)
forget about the drama that ends up happening inbetween us,
forget about the way everyone is treated completely different and unfairly ..
and just try my best to love where I am in my life of i guess well dance.
I know I might be rumbling on but believe me this helps me sort out my thoughts
this is an ongoing battle for me, to decide what next school and dance year are going to bring.
The plan as of right now (which is bound to change) is..
* Take Ballet and Tap at WDF and continue doing my Ballet Exams
* I`ll be in grade 11! (: yaaaay!
* Get WAAAYY WAAAY WAAAY more involved in my school
(grade 12 is around the corner, scholarships)
* Work! HOOORAY! lol
I applyed at a Seniors Home a couple weeks ago, so we`ll see where that goes
and I`d also hope to get a weekend job possibly at the mall or something like that!
* Get more involved somehow at church! (: (:
SOO it seems that as I get less busy at dance, I`ll be more busy in other things
and I can`t complain, after all I would be bored silly if my life wasn`t insane!
One last thing, here is some pictures of a bon fire my friends and I enjoyed the other night (:

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

what have i been up to?

well not much of anything actually,
studying. studying. studying.
we went to the cabin i think two weekends ago,
it was nice to get away and relax before preparing for exams
now i'm looking forward to leaving for a little while.
just under a month until i leave!!