Wednesday, February 25, 2009

friendship #2.

bahahha we had a pretty good time the other night!
love you bbe!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

my surrprise

the other day mom texted me while still at school ..
the text said
"dad has a surprise for you when you get home"
well boy oh boy he did have a good surprise.
on july 13th im flying out to my auntie's for my 2nd summer well spent.
im so excited i can hardly wait.
last year was so great, and im sure this year will be even better.
mom will be flying out on the 28th,
and than on august 3rd we are all heading back here for the wedding.
can't wait .. only 142 days !!

Friday, February 13, 2009


This past weekend we attented LADM.
It was soo funn !
and we learned so much.
In our audition class I made it further than i ever have before.
The process for this audition was a little bit different,
but i really liked it.
first we had to learn a complex ballet exercise.
we than had to go 6 at a time,
after that we lined up and they would tell you your number.
so here was my time to shine..
ballet is one of my high points,
so i did it.
i mean i know i could have fixed some things,
cause as dancer's were never good enough.
there is always something we can fix.
but i got into the line, and sure enough
-Number 6 you may stay please!!!!
one of the best feelings in the world.
knowing all your hard work has payed off.
after that point we went onto jazz.
the routine was awesome!
loved it,
one thing thooo...
all the well skankier girls in our classes get noticed at this point
the ones wearing short shorts and sports bra's
and that's not me.
so sadly,
i didn't make it past this point.
but im still so proud of myself for even getting as far as i did.
also this weekend we did a competition,
we placed 1st, 1st, and 3rd.
we also received a high mark award for our lyrical dance..
than made all our parents cry ..
and the judges get goosebumps.
so overall the dance part of the weekend was great.
on saturday night after competition
we always order pizza and find a place to hang out in our hotel.
well terry (one of the dad's)
decided it would be fun to make some of us eat pork hoks, oysters and some gross fish.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

rest in peace

ramon rodrigues.
wow where to start.
i miss you so much already.
it seems like just yesterday that you were here in canada with everyone
living life to the fullest.
it's just not fair of all people that we had to lose you.
you were an amazing friend, and an overall extraodinary person.
it's just to much at this point to comprehend why you.
today is your 18th birthday , :(
and your not even here to celebrate it.
i miss you.
please tell me this i just a bad dream
and any minute your going to come online
and say this is all just a dream.
i miss you ramon.
the memories and night's spent enjoying ourselves will NEVER be forgotten
you're in my heart forever.
i love you.
rest in peace.
:( :( :(
did i mention i miss you like alot.
i want to finish this post and just be done but i can't
my emotions are soaring.
i'll finish it off with saying my heart goes out to your family.
you didn;t have much time with him before he left us all.
but he is in a better place, waiting for the rest of us to join him.,
i miss you !

Monday, February 2, 2009


Okay so here i go, i have decided im going to write in actual paragraph form instead of continously pressing enter to make a new line. Also im finally going to use proper grammer (to the best of my ability) and not put spaces between my words and punctuation. Oh and look at me go with my uppercase letters at the beginning of my sentences. Im on a roll. So today, all in all was a long day. First day off semester 2. My classes are good. People are nice. Met the new internationals. Now here is the down side, all the old internationals.. yeah they're gone! It didn't really hit me till today that they are back at there homes now, back to the their normal lives. And here we are.. without them all. I miss them alot. School was for sure not the same without them. Now I do have a bit of a beef to pick with some more stupid immaturness on you know whos part. He decided to start texting me last night and getting mad at me for things like never loving him? Well excuse me.. I'm sorry?! And why he feels to tell me now is beyond me. He is in a relationship, so why does it matter what happened this summer right? It was a bunch of mistakes that we both made, I learned my lesson, the end. Right? Right. =) After school Mom and Vanessa and I went bridesmaid dress shopping! WOW, so much fun! I tried on i don't know at least 50 dresses. I narrowed it down to four that i really love. Now im just waiting on Vanessa to send the pictures of those four so I can look at them over and over and decide which one I really want! I must say trying dresses on is so fun. It makes you feel soo.. well i guess pretty. Oh by the way I will put the pictures up once I have them. It should be sometime tomorrow. So, now im sitting here at nana's house. Kinda bored. Josh has the flu, and mom doesn't want me at home due to my low immune system. Getting this flu would also be bad because I have competition this upcoming weekend in Minneapolis! So im staying at Nana's house. She has headed to bed, but yes im taking advantage of my couple extra minutes of freedom and am staying up till 10:45. Tomorrow shall be a busy day.. School, Assisting, Tanning, Dance, Coming Home, Than i need to do laundry and start packing. Looking forward to the weekend. It's going to be so much fun!! I hope we do good at competition. Im not really wanting to spill lots for mom and dad.. cause I want everything to be a sorta a surprise. BUT! im hoping that our emotions just spill out from us and make everyone I guess understand our dance. It's a powerful story and realistic today. But bed time is now in 3 minutes. PS!! - auntie darlene i counted the days till July 12th, cause that would be the earliest I can come. And if I recall correctly im coming in approximately 161 days. So let's hope they go by fast. Goodnight.