Wednesday, December 17, 2008


so whats its been a couple days since i have written ,
and their is not much new to say
im pretty excited my brother will be home for the holiday season tonight.
i miss him alot ,
and also another point to mention is my lack of christmas shopping.
yes i will be starting that saturday afternoon =)
lol . im a little behind.
i guess its better than the 24th right .
also , what else ...
oh tanning has become frustrating .
apparently i have missed way more appointments than i actually have,
and im on their targetted list ,
and they want me to pay them back before i can go tanning,
which is stupid .
cause i have not missed that much,
and second .. whats the point ??
like its not like i used any of their electricity and made their bill higher ?
anywho i gotta run

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