Friday, July 10, 2009

i'm employed!

yesterday while on our way to a friend of mom's for lunch
I got a phone call .. asking if I could come in later that afternoon for an interview.
so we turned around the van and headed back home.
in got all dressed and ready, and was incredibly INCREDIBLY nervous.
well when I got there I met Jeff, the Manager and owner of Devonshire House.
It's an Assisted Living Building, opening in Late August.
He told me about the plans for their Kitchen, and dining room.
Instead of just having one specific thing the residents can eat for dinner,
they receive a menu, like a restaurant, and so .. they need servers.
well the interview went on, and he seemed very impressed with my wide range in volunteer experience ..
and eventually said "Well, I'd like to offer you the Job!" WOOOOOOOOOO!
It starts at $9.25 and hour, and is everyday after school!
I'd been praying that this job would work out! Because it works with my dance schedule.
So it's official, i'm employed.
I start working the day after my brothers wedding! So this makes for an even busier summer!
Can't wait till the first day! (:


Lesley said...

Good for you! Congrats!

Lena said...

Well done, you will be a busy girl.

Journeying Five said...

Congratulations! Do you get to go to the states? When do you dance!

mr zig said...

congrats!! :)