Friday, November 20, 2009

an update.

So I haven't written in what feels like forever, which I find is kind of depressing, so here I am ready to update you on stuff that's been going on! Our youth group spent a weekend away at the beginning of November at Millar College of the Bible! It was an awesome experience, and we learned so much about God. The main thing I felt God was impressing on my heart is my need and desire for him in every aspect of my life. It's easy to push him away throughout the week, especially when your week has so many other demands. I will admit that I sometimes get distracted with things like work, dance, school + friends. And while all these things are important parts of our lives, it cannot be the thing that consumes us. God needs to be our portion, the one who completes us. Its a challenge, but one I think everyone can accomplish. I challenge you to put God at the center of everything you do, allow him to be the reason for every thought in your mind, for every word you speak,and for every action you choose. Their is no better reason than to do something with God at the center of it! For me it has already brought a new and more positive outlook on life and tough situations. In everything, I know my one true best friend is there with me, guiding me, and loving me unconditionally. Making God your center may also lead you to new dreams and aspirations, maybe it will help you find his calling for you in your life. So open your heart, and make God your portion.. I dare you.

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