Wednesday, December 30, 2009

a wonderful surprise!

today all that needs to be said is that i miss my auntie & family like crazy!
received some mail from them today, and cried when i opened it!
it feels like ages since we've seen each other ..
i look forward to hopefully going back again this summer for more wonderful memories!
thanks for the starbucks card (:
it'll for sure come in handy!
and thanks for all the little notes to add to my bulletin board!

as for my lack of blogging once again, i've been extremely busy!
working almost everyday, including christmas & boxing day!
had a wonderful christmas morning with my family opening presents & spending time together!
look forward to seeing how our family changes over the next couple years ..
as we all seem to be getting older over here at the vanderhooft house!
i got a new blue digital camera, & it's fantastic!
the best present of this christmas season though would have to be ..
the flat screen TV that we bought for our parents!
i hope that everyone else had a wonderful christmas as well!
And enjoy their new years eve plans tomorrow as well!

1 comment:

Journeying Five said...

i miss you too! somehow i missed this lovely post. somehow i need to convince you to post nicer pics of me!