Friday, January 23, 2009

i have alot to say today,

so semester one has now come to an end.
i must say it's been a really good one.
I've learned a ton of new things.
had some really great teachers, had some not so great teachers.
had millions of insiders, and well spent spares laughing with friends.
so this next week all the internationals will be leaving to go back home.
im going to miss them all.
since they all ready my blog im going to write something to each of them

Ivana .. well my dear i must say we have some pretty dang good times. whether it's just been our conversations at school, or our non stop laughter at parties. we must keep in touch. friends forever dear ... and you have to keep your promise of coming back to visit. love you dear.

Linda .. oh man alive . wow yesterday when i gave you a hug i almost started to cry. you are an amazing person, and friend. we didn't spend much time together but still the moments we did were really great. im going to miss you very much. love you .

Mathias .. haha , well sir . i am for sure going to miss you . it's too bad we met only a month ago, im looking forward to hanging out this week . your an awesome friend. love you ..

Ramon .. LOL LOL LOL .. you are fantastic. and seriously hilarious. it's too bad that your leaving now . BUT we will keep in touch , but yeaah .. it was for sure great meeting you. i la la love you .

Pedro .. okay so out of all the internationals leaving, i must say i have grown closest to you. honestly, you crack me up. everytime we talk like i cannot stop laughing. your smile is contagious, and so is your laughter. okay if i keep typing im going to cry. so all in all, i love you like a fat kid loves cake =) .. and im going to miss you like SOOO much , you don;t even know . friends forever and ever and ever .. ( here and in brazil ) .. i love you . Du bist mein leben ..

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Journeying Five said...

sorry to hear that they are going, sounds like you built some lifetime memories with them