Saturday, January 31, 2009

pay it forward

so i was reading my auntie's blog and came across this really really neat idea.
when someone does something nice for you,
instead of doing something nice back
you commit to helping 3 other people !! ..
so this is exactly what I am going to do
I am writing this on my blog,
and i am sending this e-mail to say ..
the first 3 people that reply i will do something nice for.
possibly I'll get back into my knitting and whip something pretty up.
anyways hope someone is up for joining in the game with me !


mr zig said...

great idea!!!! too often we forget to be nice and to do nice things for others :) (hey, did you ever get paid for the gum from yer dad?) heheh

aryssa , said...

no lol. but he is taking me on a dance trip this weekend so i can't complain !