Friday, February 13, 2009


This past weekend we attented LADM.
It was soo funn !
and we learned so much.
In our audition class I made it further than i ever have before.
The process for this audition was a little bit different,
but i really liked it.
first we had to learn a complex ballet exercise.
we than had to go 6 at a time,
after that we lined up and they would tell you your number.
so here was my time to shine..
ballet is one of my high points,
so i did it.
i mean i know i could have fixed some things,
cause as dancer's were never good enough.
there is always something we can fix.
but i got into the line, and sure enough
-Number 6 you may stay please!!!!
one of the best feelings in the world.
knowing all your hard work has payed off.
after that point we went onto jazz.
the routine was awesome!
loved it,
one thing thooo...
all the well skankier girls in our classes get noticed at this point
the ones wearing short shorts and sports bra's
and that's not me.
so sadly,
i didn't make it past this point.
but im still so proud of myself for even getting as far as i did.
also this weekend we did a competition,
we placed 1st, 1st, and 3rd.
we also received a high mark award for our lyrical dance..
than made all our parents cry ..
and the judges get goosebumps.
so overall the dance part of the weekend was great.
on saturday night after competition
we always order pizza and find a place to hang out in our hotel.
well terry (one of the dad's)
decided it would be fun to make some of us eat pork hoks, oysters and some gross fish.


Journeying Five said...

way to go on the dancing, sounds like you did awesome! so would not have been with you on the pork hocks...gross!

aryssa , said...

what about grilled cheese sandwhiches?