Sunday, February 8, 2009

rest in peace

ramon rodrigues.
wow where to start.
i miss you so much already.
it seems like just yesterday that you were here in canada with everyone
living life to the fullest.
it's just not fair of all people that we had to lose you.
you were an amazing friend, and an overall extraodinary person.
it's just to much at this point to comprehend why you.
today is your 18th birthday , :(
and your not even here to celebrate it.
i miss you.
please tell me this i just a bad dream
and any minute your going to come online
and say this is all just a dream.
i miss you ramon.
the memories and night's spent enjoying ourselves will NEVER be forgotten
you're in my heart forever.
i love you.
rest in peace.
:( :( :(
did i mention i miss you like alot.
i want to finish this post and just be done but i can't
my emotions are soaring.
i'll finish it off with saying my heart goes out to your family.
you didn;t have much time with him before he left us all.
but he is in a better place, waiting for the rest of us to join him.,
i miss you !

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