Friday, September 4, 2009

auditioning for a role in the story.

So today if I could offer you one piece of advice as you lace up your dancing shoes, let it be this: Dance unashamed. Rise up and share that you are the beloved of God and that you are here to proclaim His name. Dont be quiet about it, and don't be timid. Praise his name with dancing. Give Him all the glory, and enjoy the performance - God will certainly enjoy it! As you dance, you will face hard times and tough sessions, but have fun. Let the music flow through you. Then, when you are ready, God will open the doors and lead you to the stage, where the world will be able to watch. What they see will amaze them, just as it amazed you as you caught your first glimpse of yourself dancing the Divine Dance.
The woman who dance only for God will be different. She will be unlike anything the world has ever seen. She will be bold and daring, gentle and caring - all at the same time! She will be you, but she will be more than you. She will be God in you - for the entire world to see. Enjoy the quiet time alone in the studio with God as you meditate on His word and memorize His steps.
Get ready to live the life that you were truly meant to live, because God has been waiting for this moment ever since He gave you feet. Let the world fade into the background and dance for God alone.


Journeying Five said...

really good thoughts, really well written...are these what you are learning as you read Divine Dance?

Liz said...

Wow Aryssa...that is so profound and wonderful! Please share that with all your dancing friends!

Lena said...

Thank you for those inspired thoughts. It gives me food for thought can I learn a new dance step for Him? Love you Oma