Wednesday, September 2, 2009

the divine dance.

So the other day I started a new devotion book, that I will admit had been sitting beside my bed for some time now! It's called "The Divine Dance" and it's definitely given me alot of things to already think about, just after reading the setting the stage part! It talked about if the world is our stage, who are we performing for? It talks about how I hold center stage in God's heart. And that he has seen me at my best and my worst. He knows my flaws, but still he wants me. He wants to love me, to hold me, and keep me close to his heart forever. He has seen all my costumes, and sat through every performance, but yet he still likes me best when im not performing at all. He likes me best at the end of the day, when the other audiences are gone and all my masks come off. Whether i'm smiling or crying. He loves me. And wants to give me the world. But all my concentration on my performances has kept me from seeing the answer to all my heart has ever wanted. God calls out to me, but sometimes I cannot hear him. Sometimes I'm missing the fulfillment of my dreams and plans, and the desires of my heart. Somewhere I've disregarded the invitation God sent, because I was invited to another party put on by this world. And the moment I fail to mesmerize them, I'm cast aside. Each of us is a dancer, we dance our way through life, performing for others. And by the time we reach teen years, or adulthood we've all become artists. It's the reason we dress the way we do. It's the reason some of us got up and put make up on this morning. And it's all to make a certain statement about ourselves. Once again were all performers, and we audition for a place in the hearts of everyone we meet. We all want to be beautiful to someone - anyone, really. And that can get us in trouble. Because the world is a place that will lie to us. It tells us what we want to hear to get what it wants from us. Yet we all have alot to offer. We all possess authencity, and thats a rythym the world can never dance to. At best, the world offers poor imitations of everything you've ever wanted. So why then, do we dance so hard on this stage? Why do we try so hard to please the crowd? We become unfifilled, because God did not want us to dance for the world. He intended us to dance for him. All we need to do is give up the world, and the riches of heaven will be ours. Today YOU and me can have the performance of a lifetime, and I hope you don`t pass it up. You can watch from the side but really it won`t do you any good. No matter your music, or your style, dance unto the Lord. Not only will you be changed, but you will also change others with your song.

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Journeying Five said...

speechless! thanks for that post niece!