Wednesday, November 19, 2008


so i handed in my baby first thing monday morning
ended up with 97% , =)
turns out even after all the stress of a baby
i was still a good mom ,
i haven't been up to much.
just been going through some stress.
this past week has been hard.
i've felt as if the most imporant thing to me was slipping out from under my feet.
i felt like the thing i had worked so hard and felt i deserved
was completely taken away from me.
i am 100% dedicated to what i do ..
and always have been .
and than just ugh everything
all my emotions came flying up.
the fact that we are all treated so unfairly.
people our favoured and given better treatment.
i mean if it were any of those 4 people they would not have gotten
the same punishment as me
and i mean i dont ever just not go to stay at home and sit around.
no i had problems with migranes at the beginning of the year.
and than i had whiplash
and than i had a huge project.
she is lucky i even came and danced full out when i hurt my neck
because i wasn' supposed to.
i was supposed to stay home and relax
but no i danced.
and plus beginning of the year i had mono still,
and i wasn't supposed to dance at the beginning of the year.
dancing waas defntely not the easiest thing.
it took alot out of me ,
and left me with little to no energy
but i still went because i love it and am commited.
i give up so much other oppurtunities to dance.
to do competitions.
and i dont think taking my solo away is the right option ..
or well a deserved punishment
because i work hard ,
always have
and i will continue to because dance is my life.


Journeying Five said...

sorry to more if you need to chat or call

aryssa , said...

i'll call you tonight after dance .
so around hmm let's say around 7 smithers time