Monday, November 10, 2008


so on saturday we went to a wedding.

congratulations james and erin!

we took lots of pictures

here are some =)

this is the dress i wore ,
i had bought it specifically for the wedding
and was so excited to finally
wear it!

cassie + i
being silly.

me before we left

us sisters ,
i love you both so much!

my eyes looked crazy in this picture
their really green!

but yeah saturday was a really fun day.
the wedding was super cute
i cried.
than we came home had some Kraft Dinner
at least Cassie and I did.
than we went and finished decorating
at the reception hall.
it looked so gorgeous in there!
than it was supper.
than dessert.
than the party started and we danced!
had alot of fun.

1 comment:

Journeying Five said...

you look gorgeous as usual, uh, except when you look like an alien horse of course! :)