Saturday, November 29, 2008

last night , and more thoughts

oh did we ever have a good timee last night.
it was my friend christinas going away party.
she is leaving early tomorrow to return home to germany.
so we all threw her a surprise party.
it was alot of fun.
terina and i were incharge of decorations , and we went pretty insane .
it was fun .
than after christina arrived
we played a game ,
kinda like truth or dare.
but their was dares inside the balloons and you had to pop the balloon than do your dare.
i had to smell someones shoe for 10 seconds ..
oh christina had to call a random boy
it happened to be someone off my phone that she doesnt even know .
and we blocked it , so they wouldnt see my number come up .
and than this is how the conversation went
her - hey sweetheart
him - hi
her - whatcha up to there babe
him - nadda you
her - oh just thinking about you
i was wondering if you waned to go on a date with me
him - who is this
her - its me
him - and who is me
her - as if you dont even know
i thought you loved me
wow good job you broke me heart
you should have heard this guys voice,.
he was like what is going on.
she ended up having to hang up cause she and all of us were laughing so hard.
after this game .
we kinda were all sitting around talking .
than the boys started dancing ,
so us girls joined in .
after that we were all getting pretty dang tired
so we went back to just sitting around ,
but overall it was a really fun night.
i love spending time with all the internationals.
you are all so amazing ,
and super fun to be around.
im gonna miss you so much babe.
i love you to death ,
and those couple days in dance class together were great fun.
i hope we keep in touch ,
and maybe in the future get to see each other again.
it was really great meeting you deary
friends forever and for always
so now im sitting here on the couch
feeling like im at least 90
also admiring my christmas tree.
its kinda an on going process.
one day we set it up ,
the next the lights went on.
a couple days later the bulbs and now the topper, and the pretty flower things.
once its done i will take a picture .
well i think im ready to stop typing,
my hands are kinda starting to hurt a bit .
nighty night.
oh ps auntie darlene we need to have a phone conversation one of these days.
i miss hearing your voice .
oh and possibly even a late night chick flick somewhere in there to !
ah . i miss you and cant wait to come back to smithers

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Journeying Five said...

i miss you too...lets chat soon