Friday, November 7, 2008

my week ,

last weekend .. november 1st + 2nd
we went to triple threat dance convention.
it was so fun.
i learned so much, and all the teachers were so inspirational !
on the down side,
i did end up with some pretty wicked whiplash ..
so i've been going to the chiropractor.
and its starting to get better.
than tuesday was my birthday
it was a really great day.
my friends decorated my locker,
and than i went to auntie linette's for lunch
and it was SO good !
wednesday ..
the WSO came and played .
their were really good ,
and than we got out of school at 12:10
yesterday was a slack school day LOL .
than after school me , edna , maria and kelsey
went to the hockey game .
we walked there , and due to the snow
we had SUPER wet feet when we got there.
so we ended up going back to my house ,.
and each getting some fuzzy socks to put on once we got back
to the game.
than ..
maria and i were singing
" hey hey you you i dont like your girlfriend "
to loser ..
i laughed . lol i dont know if she thought it was funny tho .
today , well i had my grade 8 teacher as a sub.
she surprisingly got off her spazzy stage
and is now super nice .
she was like talking to me all class,
and i defintely got no work done ,
but we didnt have anything really to do .
just our study guides
and i have one page left ..
than daniel picked me up from school
and now im sitting here ..
than im going to youth group soon .
were going to the canton downtown ..
for some all you can eat chionese food !
o nom nom
it shall be good !
now after youth ..
cassie is sleeping over.
and than its james and erins wedding tomorrow.
cassie + i are gonna curl each others hair n such ..
and get all dressed up pretty n such !
shall be a fun day !
than monday and tuesday = NO SCHOOL !!

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