Monday, November 10, 2008


so i should probably explain.
last night i updated my webcam program
and it had some wicked cool setting.
such as these ...

this one is by far the best of the night.
we got the horse teeth.
than i apparently grew a second chin.
and have some nerd glasses!
the alien setting.
i was trying to be a mean one!
can anyone guess who i am?
possibly toilet paper . HA
big nose
horse teeth!

this actually makes me laugh.

big eyes !

oh once again im an alien.
we had a pretty good time with this new thingy.


Journeying Five said...

oh my land!
that is absolutely hilarous!
just need a bit and bridle
and we could saddle you up with teeth like those!
want a carrot?
love you, even when you look like an alien and a horse.
LOL over and over again.
can i show this to oma when she comes?

aryssa , said...

yes you may show her.
im so completely jealous that she is going to see you guys.
i wanna go in her suitcase.