Tuesday, November 25, 2008

kinda frustrated .

so yesterday i finally talked to my tap teacher.
and she didn't seem to impressed with me .
i told her how i honestly felt , and she did the same back.
everytime i told her how upset i was with the way im being treating
she simply replyed "sure"
and she still needs to think about giving me back my solo and trio .
ughh !
this is ridiculous.
my mom and i agree that if this is the way things ae gonna be were leaving.
i feel bad thinking that way ,
and i feel like it some sort of a dumb reason to leave.
but i do not come to dance every day to be told that i can't have something
that i work so hard for .
i practice and practice and practice.
and in those 3 classes i missed , i missed 4 steps.
well ... have we ever done those again . hm NO !
we sure have not .
but i mean honestly if she just shows me them ,
i can practice them ,
and no longer be behind .
but no instead she just assumes that i miss dance
to sit at home on the couch .
which is clearly not the reason.
i give up so much ,
i go above and beyond to show that i am dedicated.
i barely have much of a social life.
because im always at the studio.
i dont hang out with my friends outside of school ...
becuase after school i go to .. hmm DANCE!
and im sure saying all this about how i feel makes dance seem stressful
and probably not to well liked .
thats not the case.
i love dance .
dance is amazing.
but i will admit its become far to stressful.
i always knew that everyone has their year
where their just uber frustrated ..
and this year is that year for me .
i some time hate going to class just because i hate being pushed aside
and just one of the ones who are there .
thats my rant .
and im done for now
cause im in class and have work to do ..

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