Sunday, October 19, 2008


today was pretty great .
hung out with best people in the world ..
maria , edna , linda , lukas and kelsey.
it was so fun.
cant wait till friday to go to pure + than polo on saturday !
than sunday high school musical 3 ,
wooo ! =)
now in a couple minutes im heading to kyles house ,
to hang out with him , josh and dylan.
shall be fun hopefully !
i havent seen them all in SO long.
oh i got my hair cut yesterday
its disgusting !
i hate it ..
she made it really short when i told her all i wanted was layers , and a bit cut off.
it was like down to my stomach almost ,
and now its by my shoulders ..
i hope it grows fast again.
cause i liked it better long .
and my bangs are pretty weird too .
maybe its just that its different and im so not used to it ,
hopefully it will grow on me .. and soon i will like it .
but im out , =)

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