Wednesday, October 8, 2008


ok so i have a new pet peeve.
the fact that people seem to think beauty is an outer thing.
im sorry, i personally thing your absolutely wrong.
you shouldnt need make up or certain clothes to make you beautiful,
you dont need to 'flant it' for guys to notice you.
you think your all that when guys tell you damn girl you fine, or your sexy ?
mhmm , well im sorry but if you ask me all that guy wants is one thing ,
and you know exactly what i mean.
like come on ,
dont you want someone to like you for who you are on the inside.
dont you want a guy to tell you how much WHO YOU ARE makes him smile ,
and that because your beautiful on the inside , your just an over all beautiful person ?
i think you all need to get over yourselves, seriously ..
and be you , who cares what everyone thinks ?
go to school without make up on ,
wear sweats and put your hair in a ponytail
frick wear your pajamas to school ,
and no matter what be happy with who you are .
im done ..


Journeying Five said...

you will find him, I gaurnette! oops on the spelling

aryssa , said...

one day , =)