Sunday, October 12, 2008


so first off thanks to everyone for last night + helping us out.
it was so incredibly appreciated.
the party for mom and dad ended up being a sucess ,
and i am so glad it was,
after the work i put into planning everything.
i admit yes, we had a very stressful day with drama between us kids,
but we worked it out in the end,
and had a great time last night.
i hope mom and dad enjoyed their time as much as we did.
today was a pretty great day too,
minus that i am exhausted.
went to church , came home had some lunch .
took a two hour nap ! =)
and than had thanksgiving dinner
w/ mom, dad, daniel. cassie, donovan, auntie sharon, oma + opa !
it was really good.
now im already thinking i just might head off to bed.
but i also just wanna say how thankful i am for so many things god provides for me.
my family. my education, the nice house we have, my friends .. and so on
also.. just in general im so thankful for god ,
that he is my constant support.
he provides for me ,
and loves me unconditionally,
and its amazing !
ok - so now im out.. this head ache i still have is taking a toll on me ..
and i need sleep
night !

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