Thursday, October 16, 2008

mmmm ..

so today .
well what about today can i write .
school seemed super long and dragged out .
i have realized that in clothing we have made not one thing of clothes since the year has started .
we knitted , and have done theory , and sat around .
its lame . really lame !
than my tcu meeting , ughh my goodness shoot me already !
like the girl already made us sit for one whole day and listen to her talk
and today we had to sit and waste our lunch hour hearing the same things
when i had so many other things i needed to get done.
oh than english rolls around , stank hands back or assignments finally !
its about freaking time , than mentions
oh guys your only looking at your marks on stuff and handing it all back in ...
im sorry does this make any sense .
i thought it went something like ..
student hands in assignment to teacher,
teachers marks it in a couple days .
after a couple days student gets marked assignment back and puts in binder to use to study .
nope apparently with stank it dont work that way.
ughhh !
mm , than after school went to the hockey game.
pre good time !
rather than the fact that some certain people i do not exactly enjoy to much were there.
and decided to attempt to start stuff ,
saying stuff that was not true .
it drove me nuts !
yeah and than went tanning ,
it felt like it was my only 16 minutes of my day where i just layed back and stopped.
it was nice , i enjoyed it.
than had dance
and now im sitting here thinking

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