Wednesday, October 15, 2008


ok so im starting with the most important topic of the day.
my mom calls me before she leaves for vegas and says i have a letter from my cousin.
so i open it , and whats inside ??
my lovely aunt who i love to death .
got me a starbucks card ! wooo .
thanks auntie darlene .
i totally would have called and thanked you but im not sure when i will be at my house,
cause nana doesnt have unlimited long distance.
btw auntie darlene ..
i miss youu ..
like nutso crazy.
im totally up for some cookie dough and a chick flick and the bacon of course ..
lol the real junk ,
hopefully i will get to come and see you guys again this summer.
i might just cry if i dont get to ,
but at least i will see you for joshs wedding!
what else .
oh mom + dad are off to vegas.
they just texted me saying they were on the plane from denver to vegas
and yeah.
thats pretty exciting
hmm , im starting tanning again tomorrow,
so now i dont have to be all pasty and white.
which is EXCITING stuff
well as for now ,
im gonna get ready for dance.
probably will write alot in the next bit
since i will be bored probably.

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Journeying Five said...

love you too...when you have your starbucks know i am thinking of you. Gotta come because if you don't, there will be 4 girls crying here :)