Wednesday, October 22, 2008


i so cannot wait for the dance next wednesday/
setting up for it and all shall be fun.
it kinda sucks tho ,
i havent been able to make it to any meetings for that commitee tho ,
because of tcu .. which i cant miss due to the fact its a credited course.
but anyways . im going with the foreigns ! woo ,
maria , edna + i are going retro style .
shall be fun .
some big fall off the shoulder sweaters,
bright leggings ,
flats ,
and legwarmers ..
than we will backcomb are hair a bit , and all that jazzz.
it will be alot of fun ,
than next friday night we will be going trick or treating .. =)
yeaaaahhh candddyyy , mmmmm !


Journeying Five said...

want pictures next week, please!

aryssa , said...

hahaha k i will for sure be taking some at the dance , and stuff so i will put them up