Thursday, October 9, 2008

numero trois

ssoo i have kinda realized how much it bugs me that i have no idea what my english mark is !
are teachers has not handed back one assignment to us , so how the heck am i supposed to know what to expect on reports next week ?
ughh its so frustrating. i as of this point hate english class ,
alot. but whatever.
its a mandatory class , and i have to take .
i will just do my best , and hope for the best , cause thats pretty much all i can do .
after school im going to our schools hockey game with brittany, and the exchange students,
kinda looking forward to it.
it should be fun , i have to explain hockey to maria .. and the funny thing is i dont even understand it very well LOL.
well im totally stocked for tomorrow , my big brother is coming home from college for the weekend.
i miss him like you wouldnt believe,
it feels like it has been forever since he left ,
and it has only been one month .
with him gone i have realized how much i relyed on him.
he was the one i kinda went to for advice all the time,
and he was the guy who always cheered me up .
so at least i get one weekend of that ,
than its back to counting down till he is home for a week in november.
my head still really hurts, and i hope it gets better soon ,
considering this weekend is gonna be pretty intense.
oh yes here goes my rant abbout this weekend.
no names will be involved,
but here is the story .
ok so family is supposed to be important , right ?
and on holidays normally families get together and have dinner.
well apparently my family is not to important to others in my family.
because their is no room for us to come to thanksgiving dinner ?
this makes me really mad,
so what maybe we all dont get along all the time.
but thats life,
no one gets along ALL the time.
but c'mon cant we all just be in the same room for lik e one evening,
be able to say were all so thankful for the family we have ..
apparently not ?
oh wells me and my parents, and my brothers + sisters are gonna have a grand ol time together.
oh and clearly more food for us to eat , which is always good.
thanksgiving dinner is my favourite =)
but yeah we will have supper,
and than possibly if this rain goes away go over to the feild and play some football together or something.
it will be fun !
speaking of thanksgiving ,
i am defintely very thankful for my family.
they are amazing.
my mommy , and daddy ,
my three brothers,
and my sisters =)
love you all to death.
well since im at school ,
i should probably start working LOL

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