Wednesday, October 15, 2008

wow , sometimes i wonder how i manage all this in my brain .

ok so this has to do with two previous posts i have written .
the last one and the one titled " seven , i think "
ok so the person i mentioned in the last post had some thoughts on the first picture in "seven , i think"
i come home from dance,
come on msn.
and steven starts talking to me , ( the guy sitting behind me in the picture )
he is like one of my best friends !
he came over to chill saturday night , and we invited him in on the picture .
and so im gonna just call him stupid , decides to add steven up on facebook .
this just miffs me off ..
like whats the point of that ?
than to right away stupid sends steven a message and says ..
" how do you know aryssa "
and he was like oh i have known her for like years , her mom used to babysit me , and now were just really good friends and all , thats about it .
and stupid replys " oh so your not dating her ? "
steven says no
an he says good .. ??
hmmm .. so what does this mean ?
am i not aloud to move on from him ..
cause i think i should be aloud to .
i mean stupid moved on from me .
in a matter of like a couple days ,
when he supposively loved me ?
mhmm right .. makes sense to me
he for sure loved me .. NOT
if he did it would have been a forever type thing ,
because love isnt something that just fades away .
it last forever .
through thick and thin.
i need to just stick with my thoughts on this ,
not give into relationships .
im thinking staying single till im 16 is a good idea.
it gives me a year to possibly get to know someone first ..
it gives me another year to continye maturing .
getting my thoughts together on what it means to be inlove

i have realized this year
relationships and loves isnt something that is light topic.
it takes all of you , and your emotions.
it takes dedication, commitment .
i dont want anything less than this perfect type of god love describes .
so pretty much imma wait for the right guy to come around .
maybe if i stop looking so hard , he will just find me !
ohh aryssa you think to much !

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