Monday, October 13, 2008

seven , i think !

kso after mom and dad's party on saturday, we planned to have some people over for a bonfire, well this didnt really work out to well because it started raining. and also the only person who isnt part of the fam that ended up coming over was steven. but we ended up still having a good time. we watched what happens in vegas. it was SO funny.

so i guess all their is to say about this picture is ..
that i hope this is our sister 'group'
because i honestly love all three of you !
and you all mean so much to me !
mmmm. i love family !


Journeying Five said...

so you look pretty snuggly, any info on that? Who is the girl with Donovan? She looks nice!

aryssa , said...

the girl with donovan is meghan! she is super nice , i really like her !